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polytest image Global Polygraph Network now offers for rent a vintage (circa 1970's) polygraph instrument. This instrument is mostly functional, but does not undergo regular component testing or calibration. Since the functionality of this unit is not tested before shipping, some components may not be fully operational. As a result, we offer this unit only for visual effect or display purposes. It is not to be used as a lie detection tool and should not be used for anything other than visual effect or as a prop. If operated according to the included instructions, the unit will APPEAR to be a functioning polygraph instrument, used from the 1970's to 2000.

This unit is ideal for television shows, documentaries and re-enactments which require a polygraph to be operated on camera. The unit shown in the photo above is the current rental unit avaiable.

If you are seeking a polygraph unit to use for lie detection purposes, you have the option of either purchasing a new or used unit (see our links page) or hiring an examiner to provide, accompany and operate their own equipment - email info@polytest.org for pricing.

polytest image The unit will be accompanied by operating instructions which the customer agrees to read and follow. The customer agrees to be responsible for any damage caused to the polygraph by anyone's failure to follow the included operating instructions during the rental period. If customer does not make arrangements to pick up unit him/herself, GPN will ship so that unit arrives as close to the "needed by" date as possible, but GPN can not guarantee an exact delivery date. If you must have the unit for a specific date, we suggest that you request the unit be delivered at least 24 hours before you actually need it.

We anticipate that it will take an average person 4 to 8 hours to learn how to operate the unit.

Rental rate: $200.00 per day or $1,000.00 per week, whichever is less, plus shipping and insurance

Note: There is a minimum rental period of two (2) days. The rental period begins on the day the unit arrives at the customer's designated address and ends on the day the unit is shipped back to Global, regardless of the amount of usage. We do not ship outside the continental United States.

Click here for rental agreement

Email us at info@polytest.org for current availability of this unit