Services we offer

Theft / Embezzlement / Financial Losses (not employment related)

We can test individuals accused or suspected of theft, including those individuals wishing to prove their innocence. As long as the examinee is willing to be tests, and there no employee-employer relationship, we can provide this service to you. If this is for an employment-related situation, please read below.

Theft / Embezzlement / Financial Losses (employment related)

When an employer suspects an employee of theft, embezzlement, or vandalism of company property, we can provide this service in most areas of the world, except in a few U.S. states which prohibit employee testing. Click here for more information

Relationships and Fidelity issues

When trust is lost in a relationship, it could takes years to recover, if ever. In many cases the evidence of adultery is not definitive, so the only way to find out the truth is through polygraph testing.   Click here for more information

Therapeutic Disclosures and Sex Addiction

This is a variation of a “Statement Verification” exam in which the Examinee (person being tested) prepares a document ostensibly to disclose (in writing) to his/her partner any acts or conduct the partner might be concerned about.  The polygraph is then used to verify the content of the Disclosure.  This method is typically used in the Therapeutic Process after the Examinee has already made admissions of infidelity, or other unapproved behaviors, and is attempting to verify the full extent of those behaviors.  Since this is a multiple issue test by definition, results will not be as reliable as with a single issue exam, but it often the only way to resolve multiple issues simultaneously.  Diagnosed “sex addicts” are frequently administered a Therapeutic Disclosure exam as part of their treatment program.  This Disclosure should include a numbered list of specific disclosures and denials, and should be signed and dated.  Care must be taken not to include subjective statements in the Disclosure, such as “I love my spouse,” “I am dedicated to saving my marriage,” “I regret what I did,” or “Here is why I did this thing.”

Child Abuse Issues

Our examiners can provide testing for a wide variety of child abuse issues.  Click here for more information.

Criminal Defense & Attorney / Legal Support Services

We provide extensive criminal defense services to clients worldwide. An attorney is not required to hire the services of a polygraph examiner for criminal defense matters, although it is recommended. We also provide testing in prison facilities when necessary (by special quote).  Here is a sample of criminal issues that we test for:

Government Contracts

Our experienced examiners are available to bid on large or small government contracts.  Click for More Information

Law Enforcement Testing

We offer pre-employment and specific issue testing for Law Enforcement agencies on a contract or as-needed basis. Contact us for specific quotes based on volume and location.

Academic Misconduct (cheating in school)

Our examiners have provided numerous exams to help exonerate students who have been wrongfully accused of cheating in school.

Fishing / Bodybuilding / Sporting Tournaments

Testing is available for many types of competitions and sporting events.  Click for More Information

Drug or Alcohol abuse / Disputing failed drug test results

Other addictions (gambling, pornography, etc.)

Witnesses - statement verification

Victims - statement verification

Motor vehicle accidents or violations, including DUI

Insurance Claims

Sex Offender Testing (post-conviction)

Many states and countries have developed programs for the treatment and monitoring of sex offenders during their parole or probation periods. Many of these treatment programs require the administration of initial and periodic polygraph exams for purposes of verifying treatment compliance, parole violations, and recidivism.  Click here for more information

Quality Control / Quality Assurance

If you disagree with a polygraph result from an examiner, believe your exam was not conducted properly, or feel your examiner made an error with some aspect of the test, GPN owner and polygraph expert Michael Martin will QC (Quality Control) any exam conducted by another examiner. Contact Michael directly to discuss fees and requirements for this service.


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