Global Response Team

Established in 2015, GPN’s Global Response Team is an elite group of GPN members who are specifically trained, experienced, and prepared to travel to any stable country to provide polygraph services. GRT members come from all over the world, and each member has extensive polygraph experience. Our team has completed projects for several foreign governments, and has worked with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and the U.S. Department of State.

The GRT specializes in testing of law enforcement, security, and investigative personnel, but can test for any other legitimate purpose as needed. Whether the issue is screening of new hires, obtaining or updating of security clearances, anti-corruption screening, counter intelligence testing, evaluation of current personnel, or specific issue testing, we can accommodate almost any request. We can work with the existing team of examiners, or function independently and report directly to the agency in charge.

Team sizes of 2 to 10 examiners are available for projects lasting up to 10 days. Longer term projects can be accommodated by using rotating teams. Please note that our examiners are all in private practice, so projects of longer than 10 days will adversely affect their current businesses.

For quality control purposes we recommend each team be supplied with one or two supervising examiners to provide quality control and help to coordinate the appointments.

Most of our examiners speak only English, so interpreters must be provided by the hosting country if necessary. We do have some multi-lingual examiners but they are in high demand and are not often available.

NOTE: Members of the Global Response Team are not employees or contractors of the Global Polygraph Network ®. GPN negotiates all agreements on behalf of its members, but each member will enter into a separate agreement with the client based on the “collective” agreement that has been reached. In addition, GPN does not collect fees on behalf of its members. Payment must be made directly to each member of the Team. GPN serves as the coordinating agency for all Global Response Team projects. A direct GPN representative may or may not be on site to oversee a particular project, but could be involved in the Quality Control and report preparation process.

The client is responsible for obtaining (or helping to obtain) for GRT members any work permits, visas, or other clearances necessary to provide agreed-upon services, including the cost of obtaining such permits or clearances.

Services of our team are only provided in politically stable countries.

Contact us with your specific needs and we will get in touch with you to design a customized program to suit the needs of your country, agency, or company.

Michael Martin, President
Global Polygraph Network ®


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