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Due to the large response to our network, we are seeking qualified examiners throughout the world to participate in the GPN referral program. There is no fee to register or to become a member, but each examiner must meet the minimum qualifications below as well as a few others. Each examiner then receives his/her "standard" fee for exams less a deposit that we retain as our service fee.

  • Completed polygraph training at accredited facility
  • Completed internship and received certification (if so required)
  • Completed at least 100 exams following certification (if you have completed less than 100 exams you may qualify for our internship program)
  • Completed at least 50 domestic-type examinations (waiver available with specific training)
  • Must be licensed to operate in states requiring a license
  • Must be willing to conduct domestic-type examinations
  • Must be willing to contact all referred clients within 48 hours
  • Must make an exam date available to the client within 30 days
  • Must conduct the exam personally.  If you wish the exam to be handled by an employee or contractor, that employee must submit an application individually and be approved for membership.
  • Must have a valid email address which is checked daily in order to receive referrals.
  • Must either be (a) located in an area not currently serviced by another network examiner (see test locations) or (b) willing to charge less for a listed area than the currently listed examiner.
  • Must have no law enforcement "conflict-of-interest" problems.
  • If member has a web site, must provide a link to the GPN web site
What our members are saying about GPN
  • I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in referring polygraph testing to me. I know it is not cheap to do what you do to keep us all with plenty of referrals. I would never make it through many months without the testing you send my way.   N.R. (Alabama)
  • Whether the phone calls are light or heavy on any given day, GPN's faxes and emails are always welcomed.  Global Polygraph Network clients are not just inquiring polygraph info - they've already done that through the GPN web site - they are ready for an appointment!  I've given up on trying to advertise or promote my own website to generate internet business.  It's expensive and requires constant committment.  GPN is spending significant dollars and has someone that's always updating their internet presence.  Let them deal with the hassle - while sending me clients." M.A. (Florida)
  • It was a god send to come across your web site two years ago.  You make it easy for us examiners by playing middleman and taking care of the exam set up.  You have accounted for a few of my exams each month and I am very, very thankful.   C.T. (Maine)
If interested, please PRINT THIS FORM, fill it out and mail to:
Mail: Michael Martin
PO Box 4444, Elmira, NY 14904
Email: info@polytest.org

See instructions provided below explaining how to add it to your website.
  • Right click on the graphic below and save it to your website's root directory as GPNlogo_LG.jpg
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  • Cut and paste the code below to insert the graphic into your site at the desired location.
  • <!-- -----START CUT and PASTE HERE----- -->
    <a href="http://www.polytest.org">
    <img src="http://www.polytest.org/images/gpn/logo.fw.png" width="333" height="121"></a>
    <!-- --------END CUT and PASTE-------- --> /
  • * Note: You can change the size of the logo by adjusting width and height parameters within the cut and pasted code.