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Michael Martin

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Michael Martin
From 1996 to 2004, Michael was one of the most prolific polygraph examiners working in media. During his career Michael has conducted over 8,000 exams and made over 350 national and international appearances.

Media Services available

Polygraph Testing - Exams will be provided by Dr. Martin for any legitimate purpose, such as fidelity, theft, drugs, murder, verification of stories, or veracity of witnesses. Due to time constraints these actual exams are never fully televised, but can be partially recreated for viewers. Standard fees apply for this service unless other arrangements are made.

Demonstrations - Polygraph procedures can be demonstrated for viewers in only a few minutes. Since these are not actual exams, we can easily show how the sensors are attached and the charts are produced during a series of "mock" questions. Note that any results derived from "demonstration" testing will have no validity. Dr. Martin will provide demonstrations for travel expenses only provided adequate promotional consideration is given.

Polygraph equipment rental - Polygraph equipment is available for rent. Visit Polygraph Rental for more information.

Interviews - Dr. Martin is available for interview, discussion and commentary as scheduling permits, and will charge for travel expenses only provided adequate promotional consideration is given.

Pilots - Michael Martin is available for polygraph testing for "spec" shows or pilots anywhere in the world. Work on pilots is usually provided for travel expenses only provided the client agrees to use Michael's exclusive services for the show if it is "picked up" for production, otherwise standard rates will apply.

Commercials - Dr. Martin is available for testing to verify product information, effectiveness, safety, or any other factual issues regarding a particular product, service, or company. Call to discuss fees.

polytest imageHigh Profile cases
Columbine High School shootings, Robert Chambers "preppie murder" case (Jennifer Levin murder), JonBenet Ramsey murder, Gary Condit (Chandra Levy murder), Patricia Rorrer (Joanne Katrinak murder), Mike Tyson paternity lawsuit.

Previous appearances
Discover Channel's Mythbusters, Sci-Fi Channel's Proof Positive, Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricki Lake, Queen Latifah, Maury Povich, Forgive or Forget, Morton Downey Jr. Richard Bey, Howard Stern, Judge Mills Lane, Deminski & Doyle, Dr. Gilda Carle Show, Dr. Joy Browne Show, Baerbel Schafer Show (Germany), Amazing Stories (Japan).

polytest imagePrevious appearances - news

20/20, 48 Hours, MSNBC, WNBC News, Fox News, National Public Radio (All Things Considered)

Lie Detector Testing
Lie Detector testing using the polygraph is the most accurate and reliable method of determining truth or deception, boasting accuracy rates of 95% or better when conducted properly. Michael provides top-quality exams administered to American Polygraph Association guidelines. To insure maximum accuracy levels, sufficient time must be allowed for each exam conducted.

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There is no such thing as a 15 minute polygraph !!
Any examiner who says that an effective polygraph can be run in 15-20 minutes is not providing exams to any acceptable standard of practice, and can not be providing reliable results. Some clients feel that the mere presence of a polygraph will encourage confessions and deter unlawful acts (i.e. cheating in a fishing tournament). This may be true for a short time until a few subjects learn that such an exam can be easily beaten, and then the test becomes counterproductive. A properly conducted exam must include the following steps. If any step is left out of the process, the results can not be relied upon.

polytest image1. Introduction and explanation of procedure and equipment (requires 10-15 minutes)
2. Collect background information and medical history (requires 5-10 minutes)
3. Discussion of case facts and obtaining of statement (requires 10-50 minutes)
4. Examiner designs questions and reviews with subject (requires 5-15 minutes)
5. Run polygraph charts (2-4 charts @ 5 minutes each) (requires 10-20 minutes)
6. Chart analysis by examiner (requires 5-10 minutes)


polytest imageIf you are considering a 15-20 minute polygraph exam, we recommend you save your money and flip a coin. The resulting accuracy will be about the same.

Note regarding televised exams
Due to the sensitive and personal nature of polygraph, the amount of time it takes to perform a proper exam, and the amount of "dead time" during an exam, most polygraph exams are "recreated" for the benefit of viewers. It is a standard of the American Polygraph Association that (1) no determination of truth or deception can be made if the actual exam is televised, and (2) recreated or reenacted exams should be portrayed as such to viewers.