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A Basic How To

Selecting a qualified examiner can be a difficult process, considering what is sometimes at stake. We understand the importance of this decision, so we will never refer you to an inexperienced examiner or one which uses a technique not validated by scientific research. If done correctly, polygraph on average is 90 to 95% accurate. Please review the qualifications listed below to learn how to hire the best examiner for your situation.

  • Primary Training |  [read more]

  • Overall Experience |  [read more]

  • Type of Experience |  [read more]

  • Recent Experience |  [read more]

  • Continuing Education |  [read more]

  • Profesionall Memberships |  [read more]

  • Licensing |  [read more]

  • Quality Control(QC) |  [read more]

  • Equipment |  [read more]

  • Countermeasures detection  |  [read more]

  • Court certification  |  [read more]

  • Number of questions allowed  |  [read more]

  • Written reports |  [read more]

  • Voice Stress vs Polygraph  |  [read more]