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Client Testimonials

The following Testimonials were received by GPN clients. Full names have been removed for confidentiality. If you are a GPN client and wish to submit a Testimonial, please email info@polytest.org and include your name, date of the exam, and location of the exam in addition to your comments about the examiner and/or level of satisfaction with the examination process.

  • I am so happy to have met you. It is obvious you are an honest and good person [and that] you worship the truth. Thank you so much for helping me and I will recommend you to anyone seeking the truth be told. Thanks again for everything, it was worth every cent and more, much more. [GF 7/17/13]
  • Your examiner has been very helpful & flexible when it came to the scheduling of the appointment & he was very informative about everything to expect for the polygraph exam. I am pleased with how we have communicated & I will keep him on records, in which I'd ever need to go through this situation again. [LH 6/20/13]
  • Thank you again! I can't express how much [these results] mean to my family and me. [MM 4/24/13]
  • Thank you so much Mr. Martin. I am hopeful that this will allow us to move forward with a healthier relationship. I thank you very much for your friendly yet professional demeanor. You made an uncomfortable situation as comfortable as it could be. I would absolutely recommend your services. [JM 3/22/13]
  • Thank you for referring us to [your examiner], he was very professional and made everyone feel very comfortable. [SM 3/15/13]
  • Thank you so much you saved our marriage I'm balling crying! I will defiantly recommend you to anyone who needs your help. I cant wait until your book comes out. Thank you Michael you are a true blessing. [BR 1/18/13]
  • Thank you so much for being able to see me and perform this test. I'm sure you can imagine how relieved I am to now have proof that I can show my husband. Unfortunately, he will find some reason to discount this. But I have done now absolutely everything I can to try to convince him of my loyalty. Thank you again. [KM 1/11/13]
  • I'd like to thank you again for your professionalism. Your demeanor certainly put my husband at ease, and I know that made a difference. We were both extremely impressed and would definitely recommend you to others. I spoke with our attorney this morning, and he was also thrilled with the news. He plans to use your report for our case. [JS 12/3/12]
  • OMG. THANK YOU!!! [EP 11/8/12]
  • Thank you for your capable and professional services. [BR 10/4/12
  • I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your time and patience in developing the appropriate questions for this test. These years have proven to be very difficult in me having a relationship with my son. I hope this will be a start for me to pave the way to reconnect with my son. [SB 8/1/12]
  • Thanks so much Michael I received the information and hopefully I can continue to raise my children as I have been since I was 17. I appreciate your time and promptness, I am forever grateful and will recommend for anyone who is right to fight for that right, and you will be the referral for many, may god bless you thanks. [JR 6/23/12]
  • I would like to thank you for the polygraph test you did for me last September. It went along way in helping me to cope with the accusations I was facing. My daughter has recanted and we have repaired our relationship. I do not believe It would have ever happened without your services. It must be very hard work to deal with what you do. Once again I would like to thank you and feel free to use this testimonial to encourage others that the truth will prevail. [KN 3/2/12]
  • I was most satisfied with the service provided. [GW 2/11/12]
  • We wanted to express our thanks. I just wanted to thank you for your time and efforts on Sunday. Your professionalism and expertise made the experience easier and less stressful. We believe this report will be useful to helping [my wife] regain some of her integrity back from this situation. [DM 6/17/11]
  • Thank you, I suspected this was the truth, but still it hurts to read. [TP 3/18/11]
  • Thank you for the report. I am pleased with the results. With out this test we wouldn’t be able to move forward, I am very grateful. Hope to have another 19 years with my wife. [MM 2/18/11]
  • Although this process was extremely stressful, I am pleased with the results. I admire and respect your professional expertise! [CT 11/20/10]
  • Thank you so much for performing the examination! It's a relief to finally get some answers around here and move forward. It means a whole lot to me and I appreciate all of your effort! [SR 11/18/10]
  • Thanks so much. Obviously I am very happy with the results as I'm sure my wife will be when I tell her (immediately after I finish this email). I must say that even though this was an extremely stressful situation, as I'm sure you are aware, your professionalism and understanding made the examination much more bearable and at this point I can say it was certainly a pleasure to meet you. [KM 10/8/10]
  • I wanted to thank you, yet again, for all of your help! [Your examiner] was terrific...& so very helpful! [SP 5/7/10]
  • I received your report and I wanted to thank you for a well written synopsis. This will be very helpful. I really appreciate the professionalism you exhibited towards me. Even under the circumstances I enjoyed meeting you. [RV 4/15/10]
  • I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for your services yesterday. I was very pleased at how professional the process was and at how much experience you have in the field. [KR 3/25/10]
  • Thank you for your services. I helps to know that I'm not just some paranoid wife. [My husband] is still denying anything ever happened. but hopefully with counseling he will eventually open up so we can work through this. Thank you again. [AC 1/29/10]
  • I would like to thank you for your help in our little infidelity matter. She was actually telling the truth and I can finally have some peace of mind. I appreciate your professionalism and no offense, do not look forward to working with you again! Life is finally getting better and I owe it to you! Again, Thank You. [DA 1/29/10]
  • Thank you for the promptness in forwarding the results of this test to me. The manner in which you gave the test was that of a well seasoned professional. I'm not sure if this will save my marriage, but hopefully it will resolve the accusations. I can now focus on my military mission especially during deployments without apprehension. [LV 8/29/09]
  • I wanted to thank you for your prompt delivery of my test results. As I am obviously not thrilled about the outcome, I was very satisfied with your services. I will recommend you to people in the future. Thanks again. [BD 5/17/09]