polytest image Established in 1987, GPN is the world's largest provider of polygraph (lie detection) services and referrals. With over 1,300 years of combined experience, we offer confidential testing on virtually any issue by experienced examiners and have hundreds of testing sites around the world to select from. With that much experience, we feel comfortable sharing the top ten reasons clients select the professionalism of The Global Polygraph Network.

  1. GPN examiners completed training at APA-accredited training facilities.
  2. GPN is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. You won't be scammed
  3. GPN rejects half of all examiner applications because they do not meet our membership standards
  4. GPN polygraphs are conducted to APA and/or ASTM standards
  5. GPN examiners put their results in writing at no additional charge
  6. GPN examiner credentials can be reviewed online before you make a decision
  7. GPN test prices are published in advance so there will be no surprises or hidden fees
  8. GPN examiners will release their charts, upon request, so that clients can get a second opinion from a qualified Quality Control examiner
  9. GPN examiners must maintain continuing education requirements through APA-approved courses.
  10. GPN examiners do not use unproven technologies such as voice stress analysis or "over the phone" lie detection